The Diagnosis

OSA Diagnosis is Easy & Safe

Early recognition and confirmatory diagnosis of OSA is critical for the improved well-being of the affected individual. Diagnosis can be accomplished either by admission to an overnight sleep lab and/or by a validated at-home sleep testing unit. Results from either method are reviewed by a certified Sleep Medicine Physician to determine the presence and degree of severity of sleep apnea. A treatment plan is prescribed by the sleep physician with an initial trial of CPAP for at least 60-90 days to determine patient tolerance, acceptance and clinical response.

STEP 1: Online Screening & OSA Evaluation Questionnaire

Initial screening of individuals can now be accurately performed using the Berlin questionnaire. This simple, but well- focused form has a high degree of both sensitivity and specificity for detecting OSA. This form can be easily filled-out and submitted online. Take our free 5-question OSA Screening Evaluation by contacting us today.

WATCHOAT200STEP 2: At-Home Analysis with the Itamar Watch-PAT200
At-Home OSA testing is performed over one night. The wrist device is easily applied by the patient and returned the next day for data analysis and clinical correlation. A sleep study report is then issued to the individual with recommendations for further evaluation and treatment if indicated. A sleep certified physician reviews the report and confirms its analysis and diagnosis with a recommended treatment plan.

Treatment initially starts with CPAP or APAP (Automatic PAP). This device can now be calibrated at-home using wireless technology instead of a one night confinement to a sleep laboratory. A 30 day trail period is recommended to determine both successful treatment and patient satisfaction. Published guidelines for CPAP use require documented use of a MINIMUM of 4 hours each night with 7 out of 10 nights for purposes of medical certification and any physical benefit.  CPAP ideally should be used as is usually medically prescribed–EVERY night and ALL night long.  Under treatment with CPAP is as potentially dangerous to your health as NO treatment at all.

GET2REMSTEP 4: The Get2REM Surgical Cure
Our Get2REM surgical procedure can improve and almost always cure OSA and thereby totally alleviate the need for CPAP  medical treatment. This procedure is recommended for those patients who can no longer tolerate nightly and all night CPAP mask use.

Surgical correction for OSA is now available as a first-line operation after clinical failure or patient intolerance of conservative CPAP or APAP treatment. The Get2REM procedure is both safe and effective.