OSA & Social Life

Obstructive sleep apnea is an intrusive condition. When your body fails to achieve REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep, that period of deep, rejuvenating sleep, you become more and more fatigued.

This sleep debt, as it is commonly referred, seldom if ever gets paid back. Subsequently, your body begins to tax other body systems and your risk for developing or worsening a current chronic ailment like atrial fibrillation or obesity begins.

There is another side effect that is commonly overlooked: one’s social life. Due to chronic fatigue and other adverse effects of OSA, you generally don’t feel like exercising or participating in social and physical activities that add to the value of your healthy lifestyle. This is a vicious cycle and can compound the effects of OSA rapidly.

Time management, productivity and social interaction at work all suffer with untreated OSA.

Additionally, OSA can impact your friendships and other important relationships. Mood swings, depression and other neurological disorders can be amplified. These of course, can impact they way you interact with others socially, at work and elsewhere. While correcting OSA does not eliminate diagnosed depression cause by other issues; if you observe significant changes in how you interact with others, it may be worth investigating how failure to comply with CPAP usage may be contributing.


“Ooh honey, you’re looking foxy tonight!”

Finally – the bedroom: CPAP will have an adverse effect on your sex life. Intimacy among CPAP users is significantly lower than those without. Aesthetically, CPAP is not very welcoming for the partner either. Spontaneous intimacy among CPAP users is virtually zero once the apparatus is put on. Men with untreated or under-treated OSA  have a greater instance of low testosterone, often associated with obesity, and both sexes admitted to lower libido due to the intrusive nature of CPAP. Taking CPAP out of the equation can vastly improve your intimacy quotient leading to a renewal of a healthy and fulfilling personal relationship.

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