Safety First! No surgical procedure should be entered into lightly. There’s no such thing as a risk-free surgery – even the simplest of procedures can have complications. For our surgeons, anesthesiologists and medical staff, your safety as our surgical patient is our primary consideration when determining to proceed in your care.  While the Get2REM procedure by SleepApnea Surgicure is very safe, there are a number of “qualifiers” which will help us and you determine if this procedure is right for you. Click the Surgical Qualifiers tab to learn more.

Our Proprietary Surgical Option

Utilizing the well documented success of MMAs  or Maxillomandibular Advancements, Sleep Apnea Surgicure has developed a model for delivery that eliminates the majority of negative morbidities with this procedure. This model, our Get2REM procedure MMA, to date, has not been duplicated. The requisite surgical, anesthesia, and perioperative care skill sets required to deliver this model we have tested, refined and perfected over the past decade insuring a replicable and predictable clinical result for our patients. We have been contacted by representatives of Harvard MGH, as well as Stanford University to present our model. To date we have not distributed the details of our proprietary delivery model, as we feel that for the proper replication of outcomes a formal involvement in the implementation of our model would be necessary.

Patient Evaluation

All of our patients are evaluated by at home sleep studies where applicable. We interface with Board Certified Sleep Physicians on staff to provide low cost, convenient diagnostics. All patients are further evaluated with by our 3-D cone beam CT scans which we offer in- house at our facility. Utilizing airway software we are able to perform accurate assessment of the overall airway anatomy and precisely define the levels of obstruction. Utilizing skeletal software we are able to perform the surgery virtually using the computer, and subsequently create virtual intra-operative surgical guides, allowing precise duplication in the operating room of the results indicated with the simulated virtual surgery.

Our Outpatient Procedure Allows for Fast Recovery and
Back-to-Work Timing

Our operating times are 90-160 minutes and the patient is recovered in our facility. An overnight room with nursing care is utilized for the first 12 hours. Patients are re-evaluated 24 hours post op with a 3-D CT scan, and are discharged home the first postoperative day. Most patients are able to return to work in 7-10 days. After ten years and several hundred patients, we have not experienced any unplanned hospital admissions, nor encountered any postoperative complications requiring hospital admission.

The Choice is Yours

Patient response and testimonials are universally positive. The ability to eliminate the need for CPAP with a relatively low cost, low morbidity surgical procedure has tremendous, life-changing impact on patients suffering from OSA. The Get2REM MMA  is now our treatment of first choice.  We utilize the patient’s past clinical history of CPAP use and non-compliance as a diagnostic and prognostic personal health tool for each individual seeking a curative option for OSA. We give all our patients the choice and ability to evaluate nonsurgical options for treatment. The majority of CPAP users will elect to eliminate CPAP when it is possible for them to do so.