Pre-Op Consultation/Preparation

Patients – Please read the following information carefully:

All patients considering our Get2REM MMA procedure will  undergo an initial medical evaluation by one of our two oralmaxillofacial surgeons, Dr. Robinson or Dr. Taylor, to determine the nature of their soft tissue upper airway obstruction.  Using our own office based, 3D Cone Beam CT scanners, which expose the patient to much less radiation than a traditional CT scan in the hospital, we can precisely locate the level and extent of the closing airway soft tissues.  The CT imaging software allows us to use this digital imaging to both plan and then later to navigate surgically the precise advancement, to the nearest 1 mm, of the underlying facial skeletal anatomy to best insure a cure of the patient’s obstructive sleep apnea.

All patients, once determined to be a suitable candidate for the Get2REM operation, are then examined by either an internist or cardiologist based upon the individual’s existing medical care/provider relationships or as referred by us based upon the person’s clinical circumstances and health history.  A careful medical evaluation of each and every surgical candidate is fundamental to the patient’s safety and success of their surgery.

Some information you will need depending on your procedureBRACES

  • If you are getting braces or orthodontics work prior to the Get2REM procedure: Less than 35% of our patients will require pre-operative orthodontics.  We have either our own referral orthodontists who can provide the necessary treatment or we can consult with the patient’s own orthodontist.  Normally, the required teeth realignment with braces requires anywhere from 6-9 months of treatment prior to the MMA procedure.
  • If you are just getting the MMA Get2REM procedure:  The majority of our patients do not require orthodontics beforehand but arch bars, a form of temporary braces, will be applied during the Get2REM procedure to allow rubber elastic bands to be placed and removed as needed for eating and brushing for generally 2-4 weeks during the bone healing phase.
  • If you need to lose weight before having the Get2REM procedure:  Normally, we will consult with the patient’s primary care provider to arrange a weight loss program in order to obtain for the patient a pre-operative BMI of less than 32.

Those with chronic conditions, please read carefully

  • If you have atrial fibrillation, how to work with your physician leading up to your procedure:  Individualized evaluation, clearance and instruction.
  • If you have diabetes: Individualized evaluation, clearance and instruction.
  • If you have had a heart attack or have been diagnosed with heart disease:  Individualized evaluation, clearance and instruction
  • If you have an infection:  Surgery cancelled and referral to a specialist for diagnosis, treatment and clearance.

We will consult with every patient’s medical provider and specialists or, as required, by referral to our own select physician specialists, as part of our well-integrated medical process of individual evaluation, examination, analysis, clearance and preparation for the Get2REM procedure.

Nutritional considerations the days leading up to surgeryID-10034128

Instructions the night before and day of surgery:

  • Night before:  NPO (nothing by mouth) after midnight as to solid food or dairy products.
  • Day of:  Up to 8 ounces of water 4 hours prior to the scheduled surgery start time.
  • Medication instructions will be individualized for each patient.


Some tips and notes for travel companions of the patient leading up to the procedure